Stripe Extravaganza

I love stripes! I looked around my home and into my closet and realized that my favorite patterns are striped and geometric. Why am I not making them? Here's a start!



Squirrel Life on Swiss Avenue

Almost every morning I walk up and down a wide avenue lined with mansions and old trees. Swiss Avenue is a Historic District in Dallas developed about 100 years ago. The abundance of nut trees feeds many families of squirrels living among some of the finest historic homes in Dallas.

I hope the squirrels are enjoying my Swiss Avenue redecoration project. Now if only I had a real camera with a zoom lens to better capture them!

100 Days of Design

Do you ever feel you have too much stuff, from too many projects you've started and haven't finished, or things you're saving for a project on "a rainy day"? Well today was a rainy in Dallas, and I've started working on the stash.

I've got tons of drawings that I've scanned and are just sitting on my hard drive. I've got half-finished patterns I made from them. And I've got hundreds of photos I've taken just for the purposes of having for texture background, color schemes, or just inspiration.

It's time to complete some work and share it all with you.

Today I start another round of the 100 Day Project. Every day I'll post a new design on my Instagram. I hope you'll follow along!

This design, "Quilt Cuts" is sourced from my attempt to officially quilt a patchwork piece I sewed together. It didn’t feel right so I cut up the mini quilt with pinking shears and then scanned the pieces. The rug image is from a 1”x1.25” piece of quilt, while the carpet/fabric pattern is a layered collection of pieces.

Here's to transforming your mistakes!

Updating the Résumé

My résumé has finally been rendered into soft, patchwork, printed fabric and embroidered form. Who needs paper or a .pdf when you can design and dye fabric, sew, embroider and upholster?

This is not a quilt; it is more like a patchwork upholstery sculpture. It takes a lot of time, thinking, and seam ripping to make something that you have never seen before, seen anything like, and don’t even know what it is till you’re done with it. I dyed luxury sheet scraps, designed and printed fabric with Spoonflower, borrowed a staple gun, learned how to piece, embroider and upholster. I’ve been working on this concept for about six months and have two additional unfinished boxes. More secrets in the studio!

When I was in college I had a pair of Levi’s that I kept patching with various printed fabrics until the front legs were almost covered in patches. I finally threw them out when the crotch went and I could no longer maintain the patches there without them ripping every time I wore them.

I love every part of this process, from drawing to coloring my artwork on the computer, cutting, ironing, sewing, ironing again, embroidering, and all the thinking and planning in between. Exploring in the studio, feeling the hum of the machine, making mistakes and being surprised by my own work is a thrill I wouldn’t trade for anything. I know it’s not perfect; if I held myself to that standard I would disappoint myself and never be able to call it art.


Society 6 Store Open

I added a couple of vibrant designs to a store on Society6. They have many items, including wall hangings, clocks, shower curtains and more. You will be sure to make a statement with one of these designs!

Dream Come True

In a moment of pleasure

In a moment of fun

Teardrops of surprise

behind my eyes

showing me all is one


The Creative Process

Oh oh I don't know

which shape do I make

which layer style does it take

which color looks fake

which part do I shake?


The Path Widens

One step at a time

I climb the good climb

and make the good rhyme.


Things You Can Do With Your Diploma

Things You Can Do With Your MFA Diploma:

  1. Frame it and hang it on your wall.
  2. Use it to compete against thousands of other graduates for a handful of teaching jobs offered every year (after you get published in literary journals and get a book deal).
  3. Scan it, turn it into a rug design, and use it as an excuse to mockup your living room with your own wacky designs.

Human Evolution

I took this photo on the way home from handing in my MFA graduate thesis in creative writing at the University of San Francisco in 2012. If you had asked me what I'd be doing in 5 years, I would have said I'd be a successful published author. Not spending all my free time drawing, painting, sewing, making patterns and gifs, or learning about art and design in Dallas, Texas.

I love you San Francisco

I love you San Francisco

Pear and Lee Lee Light Show

Sometimes I sew

and then watch the glow.

Refusing to be pigeonholed

I duplicate myself bold.


Corporate Boxes

I sat down to rewrite my résumé and this is what came out of my right brain. The left brain one has a lot more words.

Fun Resume.jpg

Gif Résumé

I set out to find a way of showing the depth of my career while making a statement about how much I enjoy making patterns. These gifs transform representative career-oriented images into something entirely joyful and new.


Logo Party

A selection of logos of companies I've worked for, publications I've written for or been mentioned in, and conferences I have spoken at.


Blah Blah Blog

A list of 70 blog posts on HR and recruiting become joyful employ.


eBook Overload

A selection of eBooks I've written over the past two years find new life in the full spectrum of color.

Ultra Purple, Ultra Pink

This morning's sketchbook drawing went haywire once I sat down at computer.

My first frame-by-frame .gif, created in Photoshop and Illustrator.