100 Days of Design

Do you ever feel you have too much stuff, from too many projects you've started and haven't finished, or things you're saving for a project on "a rainy day"? Well today was a rainy in Dallas, and I've started working on the stash.

I've got tons of drawings that I've scanned and are just sitting on my hard drive. I've got half-finished patterns I made from them. And I've got hundreds of photos I've taken just for the purposes of having for texture background, color schemes, or just inspiration.

It's time to complete some work and share it all with you.

Today I start another round of the 100 Day Project. Every day I'll post a new design on my Instagram. I hope you'll follow along!

This design, "Quilt Cuts" is sourced from my attempt to officially quilt a patchwork piece I sewed together. It didn’t feel right so I cut up the mini quilt with pinking shears and then scanned the pieces. The rug image is from a 1”x1.25” piece of quilt, while the carpet/fabric pattern is a layered collection of pieces.

Here's to transforming your mistakes!