Updating the Résumé

My résumé has finally been rendered into soft, patchwork, printed fabric and embroidered form. Who needs paper or a .pdf when you can design and dye fabric, sew, embroider and upholster?

This is not a quilt; it is more like a patchwork upholstery sculpture. It takes a lot of time, thinking, and seam ripping to make something that you have never seen before, seen anything like, and don’t even know what it is till you’re done with it. I dyed luxury sheet scraps, designed and printed fabric with Spoonflower, borrowed a staple gun, learned how to piece, embroider and upholster. I’ve been working on this concept for about six months and have two additional unfinished boxes. More secrets in the studio!

When I was in college I had a pair of Levi’s that I kept patching with various printed fabrics until the front legs were almost covered in patches. I finally threw them out when the crotch went and I could no longer maintain the patches there without them ripping every time I wore them.

I love every part of this process, from drawing to coloring my artwork on the computer, cutting, ironing, sewing, ironing again, embroidering, and all the thinking and planning in between. Exploring in the studio, feeling the hum of the machine, making mistakes and being surprised by my own work is a thrill I wouldn’t trade for anything. I know it’s not perfect; if I held myself to that standard I would disappoint myself and never be able to call it art.